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Structural Engineering

We work to understand each area of the project to know where the vision is critical to defining the end-product as a success or when structural efficiency is more valuable. With all of this in mind, we design new buildings, additions, renovations, and site structures.

Civil Engineering

Geisler Partners Consulting Engineers + RLG understands the importance of listening to the client to understand their needs and working with the City to get plans approved as efficiently as possible. We work to ensure that the required accessible routes throughout the site are located in a way that makes sense to the client and end user.

Strengthening and Repair

Throughout the life cycle of a building the user groups and intended use can change dramatically. At Geisler Partners Consulting Engineers + RLG we have expertise in a variety of repair and strengthening methods. With that in mind we always work to find the best solution for the Owner to ensure that both performance and cost can be considered.

Market Sectors


Geisler Partners has tens of years of experience within the healthcare space and understands the importance of designing healthcare units with the patient, doctor, nurse and administrative worker in mind.

Project Examples:

Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital Plano

Baylor University Medical Center Collins Bridge of Hope


Geisler Partners understands the nuances of coordinating with municipalities and franchise utilities for Capital Improvement Projects, Department of Public Works and more.

Higher Education

Geisler Partners' higher education portfolio is comprised of both civil and structural engineering work for both private and public universities.

Project Examples:

SMU Bridwell Library

K-12 Education

Geisler Partners' public education portfolio consists of renovations, additions, replacement school and new construction for school districts across North Texas.

Historic Renovation

Geisler Partners specializes in historic renovation services that enrich and preserve older structures. 

Project Examples:

Dallas High School

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